'No doubt' human activity is affecting global climate

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Years of study have convinced the majority of nations and the bulk of the scientific community that global warming is real and poses a danger to wildlife and humans. It is estimated that Global temperatures could rise as much as 5.8 degrees Celsius by 2100! What does that mean?

**Ocean levels will rise by nearly 2 feet and thousands of miles of coastline will be lost forever to the sea.

**As climates change, thousands of species of plants and animals may be lost forever.

**There will be a rise in chaotic weather patterns, with increased flooding, droughts, hurricanes, tornados, etc.

**Arctic ice caps are shrinking threatening arctic animals. Polar Bears are finding it hard to find the food they need to survive. Already, mama seals can't find enough solid ice pack to raise their young pups.

**Many island nations may be submerged under new ocean levels.

There are alternative fuels and technological advances to painlessly reduce our green house gas emissions TODAY.

This is the MOST important issue of the 21st century. So don't wait to take action:

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